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Shop Amoena's adhesive contact breast forms. Easily attachable, our breast forms will perfectly fit on your body. Each has been tested to not fall off to allow you to move without restrictions.
Shop Amoena's adhesive contact breast forms. Easily attachable, our breast forms will perfectly fit on your body. Each has been tested to not fall off to allow you to move without restrictions.
Realistic breast forms with a natural feel which will not move about or chafe. Amoena's wide range offers ... Amoena brings decades of specialized experience to the design and manufacture of our partial and full breast forms. Our comprehensive range ... Amoena Contact Self Adhesive Breast Forms. Feels like Part of You.
I attended a breast cancer forum last year and had a look at the adhesive forms. I'm due for a new one and can't decide what is best. I had a left, skin sparing mastectomy a couple of years ago so I have loose skin there. I'm still hesitant about recon but can't bring myself to have a "tidy up" surgery in case the
Please avoid the use of aggressive or any solvent-based cleaners as well as sharp or pointed objects as they can harm the surface. To clean adhesive breast forms: Use fresh water and neutral soap to wash the prosthesis form and the silicone adhesive pads. Please do not use fabric or paper towels to dry the adhesive
Contact 2S comfort + Amoena Contact 2S comfort + Breast Prosthesis. $459.00 AUD. Amoena Contact 3E Breast Prosthesis. $459.00 AUD. Amoena Contact Light 2S comfort+ Breast Prosthesis. $459.00 AUD. Amoena Contact Multi 3E Adhesive Breast Pad. $62.50 AUD. Amoena Contact Multi 3S Adhesive Breast Pad.
Browse Mastectomy/Lumpectomy Breast Forms (Prosthesis). Lightweight Breast Forms · Standard Symmetrical Silicone Breast Forms · Asymmetrical Silicone Breast Forms · Breast Reconstruction, Lumpectomy, Partial Breast Forms · Post-Surgery, Leisure/Sleep & Exercise Foam Breast Forms · Swimsuit & Exercise Forms
Adhesive Breast Prosthesis. Ladies who where an external breast prosthesis often don't know that there are attachable breast forms available. Well I'm letting you know that they are available and ladies who wear them swear by them. Attachable wearers enjoy freedom of wardrobe selection as well as the choice of
The breast prosthesis Amoena Contact 2S sticks to your skin and allows you free movement - like a natural bust. The prosthesis doesn't get out of place, it's perfect for active women. The prosthesis feels great on your skin and is a real relieve for your shoulders. The new prosthesis is worn with a bra without
Different types of prostheses are available, but oncology nurses have few data enabling them to advise their patients adequately. In this prospective randomized crossover study of 101 women undergoing one-sided mastectomy for breast cancer, the self-adhesive breast prosthesis was compared with the traditional external

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